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One stinky room with a wobbly table. • 2018 rpg

brian ashford •

We are Orcs. In Dungeon. Sitting at table. With dice. Playing game in heads.

Cleverest orc is StoryLord. Makes challenging story.
One orc plays Crazy Goblin Wizard. Can cast magic. Choose type. Shadow, Gas, Pain, Falling, Fire or make something up.
Another orc plays Sexy Orc Thief. Can sneak, squeeze, climb and open locks. Can stab.
Next orc can play Fast HalfHuman With Bow and sword. Can shoot and stab. Can talk to Pinkskins.
Rest play Orcs. Strong, tough, mighty, hard, strong and tough. Can break things, cut with swords, stab with spears and roar away pain and death.

We tell great stories of Greenskins hunting, fighting, stealing. Even Heroing sometimes, just for kicks. Enemies are Pinkskins or monsters, other under-people or the Dark Lord and Capitalist Dogma. When Orcs win we get stronger, cleverer, richer and maybe have our own dungeon instead of one stinky room and a wobbly table.

In Story, difficult things need a good plan and a character who Can. If only one of these, StoryLord can say "Roll High!" and player need to roll high to do thing.

After one hour, adventurers burst into the room and kill all the orcs.

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