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Belter Riots • 2018 rpg

Michael Lippert •

You will tell the story of an asteroid belt space station, rebelling against their colonial masters on Earth.
Shuffle a deck of cards.
Each turn, everyone draws a card. The first player narrates how a problem on the station is exposed, discarding a card and selecting the problem using its RANK. 
           A : Oxygen                      8 : Corruption        
           2 : Food                        9 : Crime             
           3 : Medicine                   10 : Police Brutality             
           4 : Gravity                     J : Imprisonment          
           5 : Work Accident               Q : Disappearances
           6 : Lockout                     K : Assassination
           7 : Taxation
At any time another player may yell "Riot!". They narrate the riot, and put a card into the voting pile, selecting who is hurt in the riot using the card's SUIT.
       CLUBS : The Station          DIAMONDS : Civilians
      HEARTS : Rebels                 SPADES : Earth officials
Until yet another player says "Breaking News!". They do a media coverage of the riot, and put a card into the voting pile, selecting who the coverage favors using the card's COLOR.
         RED : Rebels                  BLACK : Earth                 
The game ends when no cards are left in the deck.
If the voting pile has more red than black cards, the station gains independence, otherwise it remains a colony. Taking turns, each player shortly describes the price the people pay.

Author Comments

Thanks to wthit56 and fetuscommander on Reddit for providing excellent feedback. And to James S. A. Corey for The Expanse.

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