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Help, I've stumbled into a dungeon! • 2018 rpg

Valentin Frank •

Equipment needed: Lined paper and a pencil

All of you are a party of bumbling adventurers who have stumbled into a dark dungeon where the only thing that can keep you alive is your literary wit and problem solving skills.

Everyone invents and shares a character incorporating as many tropes and stereotypes and funny names from fantastical adventure stories.

The first player takes a piece of paper and describes, in at most 5 lines of writing, the first obstacles of the adventure, including one opponent (gremlin, orc, rampaging dentist, etc...), one trap (rolling boulder, flaming arrows, dentist's office, etc...), and one natural happening (Cave-in, tsunami, tornado of dentists, etc...)

The paper is passed to the next player, who has 5 lines, in character, to continue the tale and permanently defeat/nullify two of the threats and temporarily avoid/hide from/narrowly escape a third. The whole party must escape/win/survive together. Then, fold the paper so everything that is written thus far is obscured. Write 5 lines describing the party's next 3 obstacles in the same way. Repeat around circle.

Once everyone has added to the story, unfold the paper and dramatically read the epic tale out loud.

Author Comments

-Best with 5-8 players -Short, ~20 min playtime -Often best with 2-3 rounds in a row to build rapport between players

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