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Growing Up • 2018 rpg

Nicola Urbinati •

3 to 4 players, a poker card deck (divide **Reds** from **Blacks**), index cards and pencils.
Three **Acts** per player: *childhood*, *adolescence* and *adulthood*, plus an **Epilogue**.
On an index card, write your name, a **Positive** and a **Negative**, *unfixed* thing your family thinks about you, do the same for the society. Draw 3 *Reds*.
In each **Act**, set your **Goal**: say what, when and how. The others play the *Negatives*, trying to sabotage your *Goal*. If you just go for your *Goal*, draw a *Red*; if you also want to *fix* a relationship, do not draw: say how. On the climax, draw *Red* for *fixed Positives* portrayed, the other players draw *Blacks*: three plus *unfixed Negatives* portrayed. You both play one covered card, than show it. Highest wins, you can negate the *Black* (discarded and re-played) for each achieved *Goal*. **Success**: you achieve the *Goal* and fix the relationship; **Tie**: choose one; **Failure**: you receive a bad *Stigma*. Play it out.
*Epilogue*: a short scene about your future life for each *Goal* achieved/*Stigma* received, good things from *Successes*, bad things from *Stigmas*.
Congrats, you're a grown adult now.

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Thanks for this.

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