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How did we drift this far apart? • 2018 rpg

Ville Pelkonen • no link

Make sure both players have a list of the provided questions.

The two of you have known each other for a long time.
So long that your relationship isn't the same anymore.

Sit or stand back to back.
For just a moment, stay silent.

Either one of you may ask the first question to break the silence. The other one replies and finishes by asking the next question. You both may talk, argue, ask, answer, hold hands or whatever at all times, but should always follow up on the questions in the list directed at you.

Alternate between asking and replying to the questions, until the last one. When the final question is said, turn around and face each other.
Don't say anything.
Do what you feel is necessary.

1. Why did you hurt me?
2. Why weren't you there when I needed you?
3. Are you sorry for what you've done?
4. Do you understand how I've felt?
5. How did we end up here?
6. Do you remember when we were happy?
7. What's your fondest memory of us?
8. What do you regret?
9. Do you still love me?

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