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The Insight Framework • 2018 rpg

Cara Henney •

A traditional tabletop-RPG setup for 3-5 players and a GM, where players' character backstories have a much greater impact on the game. The system can be adapted for settings from fantasy through modern-day to sci-fi.

Players write character backstories and give the GM a copy. Characters have 4 stats: 
- Power
- Agility
- Charm 
- Wit 

At GM's discretion, players assign 1-5 points to each stat (from a pool of 12) using their backstory as inspiration. Each point is worth 1d6 for skill checks. Players must beat a DC depending on the difficulty of the check.

During game:
When it is time to make a skill check, one of three things can happen: 
- Players announce an existing part of their backstory and say how that will give them an advantage in that situation
- Players announce a new part of their backstory that doesn't contradict what is already written, state how that gives them an advantage, and permanently add it to their backstory
- The GM announce something from the player's backstory, giving them a disadvantage to the particular check.

When this happens, the GM can choose to add or take away one point from all future checks of that type.

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