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Coin.heads • 2018 rpg

Andrey 'Random_Phobosis' Stoliarov • no link

You are crooks in any setting where crime exist.


1. State intent.

2. Determine disposition:
  you have upper hand      advantageous   3 coins
  the powers are equal     risky          2 coins
  you're at disadvantage   desperate      1 coin

3. Toss the coins.
4. GM offers a cost (alarm triggered/bystanders hurt/ammo depleted). If you accept it, you may toss additional coins (the same amount), adding them to the result.
Repeat until cost is too high.

5. Count heads:
  1 - weaker alternative to original intent
  2 - success
  3 - triumph


1. Write impending event on a sticky note (guards alerted/hostage killed/evidence erased).

2. When something advances the countdown considerably/severely/tremendously, add 1/2/3 coins on the note, then toss all coins on it.
If less than 3 heads - countdown continues, otherwise the event happens.

When selling stolen goods or getting paid, each player gets Loot coins.

Between missions, player may convert Loot to Aces (keep their pool separately). Spend an Ace by tossing it into a conflict. Use flashback to retroactively describe cool gadget/bribed NPC/devious plan.

Alternatively, Loot may be added to plot-level Countdowns (get rich/track down nemesis) to advance team or personal agenda.

Author Comments

I stole the disposition mechanic from John Harper’s Blade in the Dark. Be sure to check it out, it’s awesome!

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