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The Way You Make Me Feel • 2018 rpg

Allie Bustion •

About relationships, sexuality, and perceptions. Inspired by For 3 players.

You're at a Club, eager to have fun and lose yourself in the music. You see two people in Line and have instant reactions. You want to connect but don't want to just outright ask. Try to let them know how they make you feel.

~Take a Tarot deck (Rider-Waite or similar) and remove The Lovers, putting it at the center. This represents what you want: meaningful connection. Shuffle the deck.

~Each player draws three cards: feelings about the left-hand character, themselves, and feelings about the right-hand character. Do not share these during play. 

~Go around once and describe your character. Repeat this describing your first reaction to the others.

~The Club has several locations: Line, Stage, Bar, Dance Floor, Secluded Corner Booth, VIP, Bathrooms, Coat Check, Smoking Area, et cetera... Use them wisely.

~Each player directs five scenes to let the others know how they feel before Close at the night's end. Anyone can enter a scene anytime.

~Decide together what you do after Close: who goes with who? What you choose to do: one-night stand, longer but turbulent relationship, dream romance, never speak again, friendship?

Author Comments

The release of Janelle Monae’s latest album Dirty Computer and especially the lead single of Make Me Feel made me think a lot about relationships and attraction in a similar way to Monsterhearts by Avery Alder. Thanks so much to both of them for giving me a lot of food for thought in terms of life and design. Also thank you to the people who have never stopped encouraging me to try new things. There’s a lot of you but I think you all know who you are.

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