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Iron Vixens • 2018 rpg

Jan Crowen Rosa • no link

Brexit brought loss of trade, capital and jobs. SHTF and turned Brits against foreigners, Muslims against Jews, rednecks against town pussies. The Rich left the island before the world shut down the traffic.

Welcome to the Disjoined Fuckdom. 

Raid the neighborhood for supplies, fight for the club, protect the cubs. You are Iron Vixens, bitches tougher than nails. 

Print a card-sized picture of your Vixen on a motorbike. Write the notes at the back:

- 10 skill points: Riding, Fighting, Talking, Fixing.
- 10 bike points: Speed, Armor, Bags, Spares.

Draw 3 tattoos: sins, crimes or passions. 

Attach 6 Toughness paperclips on top of the card, 1D6 Resources paperclips on the bottom.

Resolve a conflict rolling (skill or bike) six-sided dice. 

Get your skin in the game, bring a gun to a knife fight: sacrifice a clip for extra die. Keep it if you win. Get two free dice when expressing tattoo-traits. Share Resources to help others.

[6] is a success, [4,5] is a success with complication. More successes wins.

Themes: finding resources, gang wars, relationships, sacrifice to survive.

Gain one Toughness clip every time you win or bring up a Theme in the game. Loot for resources.

Ride free!

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