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We will Knot Go Quietly • 2018 rpg

Erin Castillo •

The world is unraveling. You and yours stand upon the last knot of sanity. Of reality. THEY are here, and you need to survive the night. That's as far as you can think ahead. 

First - Where are you? Describe the place you're all holed up in.
Second - WHO are you? Describe yourself. Your old life. Your two things you brought with you. 

Choose how long this night will be, from 4-8 rounds. 

Then The Problems arrive. Each player takes a turn playing a problem. Describe what it is, whether physical or some concept made manifest. Describe what threat it brings to you all. Everyone determines how serious it is, from 1-7 (1 is easiest, 7 is impossible). If you can't agree on severity, the Problem chooses alone. 

Everyone else discusses how to 'solve' the Problem. One person rolls 1d6. If items or history apply, add 1 to the roll. Meeting or beating the severity succeeds.

At the end of the night, tally up successes and failures. Are the Problems that remain sufficient to end your stay on this world? Do you become unraveled, or do you live to try to eke out another day here?

Author Comments

Hope you like it! Please reach out to me with comments! @th3roadvirus on twitter

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