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Colony • 2018 rpg

Subsoap •

Players take turns drawing a card from a 52 card shuffled deck and rolling a d20. 

On each player's turn, describe the development of a colony team sent to an unknown alien planet. 

At the start of the game, crew has just arrived and are coming out of cryo-stasis. Each player describes their crew member and picks a card suit to get a +2 on.

First card of each suit must describe initial state of its category. 

Keep a written journal summarizing events. Players must consider past events for what happens next.

A - 10 describes how interesting an event is. A boring. 10 interesting. JQK are exceptional events - use imagination.
d20 describes success of event. 1 is critical failure / disaster. 10 / 11 is not good or bad. 20+ is critical success leading to a breakthrough.

Event categories:
Heart - Crew... Social... Holiday...
Diamond - Technology... Building...
Club - Food... Resources...
Spade - Expeditions...

Game ends when deck is out of cards or a critical failure happens which would end the colony in some irreparable way. Critical failures can only happen with a roll of 1, and they don't have to be game ending they could simply remove some players from the game.

Author Comments

Event categories can be many more general topics thus the … use your imagination for what related topics a suit could associate with given the context of other suits.

I usually make computer games.

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