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Land of Milk and Honey • 2018 rpg

Matthew Evans •

You are a group of farmers fleeing the Dust Bowl for work in California.

Materials: 1 Index card per player, 2 six-sided dice, 1 deck of cards

Character creation
Write down your character's name. Where are they from?
Write down the farming skill your character specializes at. You roll 2d6 when performing that action. All other actions roll 1d6. How did your character learn this?
In secret, write down whether you are communist or capitalist. Why is your character this way?

Each day, you may perform any 2 actions. How do these actions help you on the trip? On a 6+, you succeed at the action and draw a card. on a 12+, draw 2.
You may spend an action to assist another's action, adding +1 to the roll. This counts as a failed roll for you. How do you sacrifice for their success?
If you fail rolls on 3 consecutive days, you die or are left behind. How are you remembered?

After 14 days, you reach California. If the Communists collectively have more red cards than the capitalists, they win. Otherwise, the Capitalist with the most Face cards wins. What is the legacy you create that persists?

Author Comments

Special thanks to my friends at TheDnDPodcast! Design document is here, where I will keep working at Land of Milk and Honey Deluxe edition!

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