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United Narrative Opportunity • 2018 rpg

Millia Sunrise • no link

1-4 Storytellers
Uno cards

Whoever told a story last starts the game.

Remove all 0 cards from the Uno deck. Give a 0 card to each storyteller.  

Shuffle the deck and place it somewhere centered amongst yourselves. Deal three cards to each storyteller.

Each storyteller places their 0 card anywhere parallel horizontal to the deck. Your story starts here.  

Begin each turn by playing one card from your hand, building a path from your 0 card in any direction. If your card doesn't match your previous card's color or number, draw two cards. You may intersect another storyteller's path. 
Tell your tale as you play. Use the color and number of your cards as guides. 

Red. Danger or Passion?

Yellow. Caution or Epiphany?

Blue. Despair Or Peace?

Green. Fortune or Misfortune?

Numbers may represent level of intensity.

Once you have said your part, the storyteller on your left begins their turn. Collaboration is encouraged; action cards (i.e. Skip, Draw Two) will affect the next storyteller.    

To conclude your story, end your turn with an empty hand or seven cards. 

You may break from the game and return at any point. Write what inspires you.

Author Comments

This is my first serious attempt at creating a game. I drew inspiration from hand of fate and the lenetine cards, among other things. There are many ways this game can be played; I may include expanded rules and variants in the future.

you can check this game out in pdf form (which includes a nice little visual of a sample game) here:

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