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Fishin' & F&@%in' • 2018 rpg

Taylor LaBresh •

Summer rain, crisp leaves, 
sleeping bags. Soft river waves 
hide our thirst... for now. 


Alone, choose a:
Look: Thick, Lanky, Soft, Fish
Clique: Goth, Jock, Prep, Nerd
Number 2-5. Lower numbers are for Fishin' (outdoorsy, calculating), higher numbers are for F&@%in' (romantic, emotional)
Cliche sexy name 
Goal: Kiss Cuties, Go Skinny Dipping, Get High, Impress Your Rival

Together, choose: 
Two campsite Features: Pristine, Dewy, Mountainous, WiFi
One drawback: Cramped, Buggy, Hot, Cold

When shit's interesting, roll 1d6. Add +1d6 if you're prepared or if you look hot. Compare each result to your number.

If it's something Fishin', a Success is higher than your number. 
If it's something F&@%in', a Success is lower.

0 - Failure and Embarrassment
1 - You succeed but make things worse
2+ - You succeed and ask everyone if they're turned on by your stunts

If it's your number exactly, you get FISHF&@%IN'! You automatically succeed and can ask the GM any question!

Start your story with this mad-lib:

A Threat: Werewolf, Sketchy Ex, Fate & Circumstance, Hunky Neighbor
Wants to: Seduce, Sabotage, Smash, Smoke With
The: Druids, Ranger, Mothman, Fishman
Which Will Ruin: My Chances, My Car, My Fishing Streak, Everything

Author Comments

Thanks to everyone on the Riverhouse Games discord for always believing in my dreams & for latching on to this title and making me write a game for it. Special thanks to John Harper for writing Lasers & Feelings, and to Aura Belle for writing just so many good weird sexy games.

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