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Fumble in the Dark • 2018 rpg

Mark Byrne •

The goal of Fumble in the Dark is to sneak around security systems and steal the valuables unnoticed. However if you make too much noise the guards will chase you and if you get caught, it's the slammer for you!

To make your Thief spend 8 points in the 4 skills below, Minimum of 1 and Maximum of 3.

Might - Your Thief's physical prowess.
Speed - Your Thief's quickness.
Ingenuity - Your Thief's intelligence.
Conceal - Your Thief's skill at hiding things. 

When making a skill test you roll d6 equal to your skill and take the highest result. You can also make Noise to add 1 Dice to your pool of dice.

On a roll of 1-3; you fail while making 1 Noise.
On a roll of 4-5; you succeed but make 1 Noise.
On a roll of 6; you succeed.

Each Heist has a level of Noise that can be made before the alarm systems go off and the guards arrive. For a low security Heist you'll be able to get away with making a higher amount Noise. But a higher security level will have a lower amount of Noise you can make.

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