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Corny Action Heroes! • 2018 rpg

Drew James • no link

This game's about collaborative storytelling.

What you'll need:
 -Some Pens
 -Some Paper
 -Some Imagination
 -A Coin

GM Stuff
As the GM, your job is to provide the setting, the plot, to control the NPCs and enemies, and to moderate the character creation. Any genre will do.

Player Stuff
You can describe your four Action Hero Powers using 40 words total. Distribute the 100 words however you like. Beware, ambiguity benefits the GM, so word your powers carefully. Draw inspiration from corny action movies and shows.

ABILITIES are powers that can be used once per encounter.

SKILL are powers that can be used freely.

TALENTS prevents specific things from happening to your character once per encounter.

QUALITIES prevent a specific thing from happening to your character.

RESOLVING conflict requires your GM to flip a coin. Affected players must call the flip in the air. Successfully calling the flip means your Power worked correctly.

If successfully attacked, characters ascend the Doom Ladder:

GRAZED: GM chooses one power you lose.

INJURED: GM chooses a second

CRIPPLED: And a third

DEAD: You lose all powers but can still come back with some plot tomfoolery.

DOOMED: You are permanently out of the game.

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