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PROMQUEST • 2018 rpg

Han Taub •

This is the moment of truth.  This is PROM.  Complete your chosen promquest and make this the best night ever!

Pick a teen name.  Distribute 10 points between your attributes:


Describe your outfit.

Describe two chaperones.  One shoud be someone's mom.

Select a promquest:

CRUSHQUEST - tell your crush how you feel.
REGICIDE - become prom queen.
PROMVENGER - someone's trying to ruin prom and it's up to you to save it.
GET TURNT - get everyone as fucked-up as possible.

Draw 3 6-section clocks, labeled TIME PASSES, GENERAL ROWDINESS, and CHAPERONE SUSPICION.  When you fail a roll, mark a section.  If one of them fills up, prom is over!

Draw an 8-section clock, labeled the QUEST CLOCK.  When you succeed at a roll, mark a section.  When full, you've completed your promquest!

When you do something RISKY, DIFFICULT, or SUPER COOL, decide which attribute you're using and roll a pool of d6 equal to the number of ability points you have.  If all dice show 3 or below, you fail.  If at least one die shows a 4, you succeed!  Add a bonus die if you can convince the PM (Prom Master) that you deserve it.

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