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High-Stakes Run • 2018 rpg

Ben Wagnon • no link

Runner: Name and describe your avatar. One last push separates you and your target, a corporate server. What have you risked for this chance?

Architect: You designed three pieces of ICE, defensive programs, guarding this server. Describe one of each type:
		Type 		Examples 			Goal
		Obstacle 	wall, defender, tempest 	BLOCK
		Sentry		guards, trap, alarm 		ATTACK
		Enigma     	puzzle, illusion, maze 		CONFUSE
For each ICE:
-Architect describes it and the danger it poses. 
-Runner initiates an ICEbreaker, detailing its appearance and function. Share a memory related to its creation or use.
-Each ICE gives three chances to win successes. Narrate each success gained or lost together, blow by blow.

Obstacle: Roll a d6, success on 3+. Make three rolls.
Sentry: Architect places 3d6 on a table. Runner flicks a d6 at each from 1 foot, success per hit.
Enigma: Architect takes 4d6, and hides 0-2. Runner guesses amount, then discard used dice and hide twice more. Success per correct guess.	

Successes		->	Outcome
0 			-> 	Run ends, with major consequences. 
1			-> 	Continue, with consequence.
2 			-> 	Continue.
3 			-> 	Continue, Runner gains new knowledge or improvements.


Run Completed: Architect describes the server's appearance. Runner reveals their target, and shares why it matters. What happens?

Author Comments

Thanks to Kristen Dabney for playtesting and Elias Mulhall for editing. Inspiration drawn from Android: Netrunner and Why I Run (

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