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Unspeakable Cult - a Parasitic Culture Game • 2018 rpg

Heresy Bob Kelly •

    A gathering of friends (like game night)
    Do not tell anyone you're playing Unspeakable Cult.  
    Prepare Rule Cards (below) equal to one quarter of attendees rounded down (for example 13 people = 3 cards). 

The first cultist is the High Priest. 

Set timer to two hours. When the timer goes off, the High Priest stands up and says "Speak my brethren!" If more than half the people in the room are cultists, the cultists win. 

Rule Card:

SHHHHHH!  You are now a Cultist of the Unspeakable Cult. We must recruit more. Target wisely!

1. [NAME] is our High Priest. 

2. To Recruit a New Cultist: 
    Target a player and approach where others see you whispering. 
    Whisper "Unspeakable" to Target. 
    Only if Target responds with "Unspeakable" give Target half the Rule Cards rounded up. 

3. If you are Targeted, respond "The Silence will be Broken" signifying you are a cultist. 

4. You cannot recruit a cultist. 

5. Always deny you are acting suspiciously. 

6. When the High Priest stands up and says "Speak my brethren" - you must loudly proclaim "The Silence is Broken"  if more than half the people in the room are cultists, we win.

End Rule Card

Author Comments

How do you know if you need to take action? What is suspicious behavior?

I conceived this as a game where others don’t know they’re playing but can see signs of something going on - behaviors of patterns that create suspicion, signals leading people to challenge.

There are always people you cannot recruit. There are people who are too easily recruited.

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