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The Post It Bearer • 2018 rpg

Gabriel Velloso •

You are part of the fantastic world of Danora, where the newly discovered ancestral trees changed everything that was believed. Its leaves, called Post It, are nourished by a magical essence that gives rise to this glorious living being extraordinary abilities as intense as the age of the leaf in question. These are activated with an old spell and until today nobody managed to retain the power of more than three of these.

RULES: Draw your character on a paper and glue up to three Post Its where your valuable assets will be positioned, only 1 of these will be blessed initially by the essence of a "young" leaf of the ancestral trees. Roll a D6 for each item drawn on the Post It and half the result rounded up is the bonus the item provides through the rolls to which it can be applied interpretively.

The average difficulty for any test is 4 on a D6, which may increase or decrease depending on the complexity. In a match the character can hold up to three hits, translated as conditions, when this happens he becomes unconscious and if he does't have an immediate treatment the fourth condition will kill him.

Author Comments

I apologize in advance for any error in the text because English is not my first language.

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