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Changeling History Unit: Mending Specialists • 2018 rpg

Prophecy Breaker • no link

Game for 2-6 players, requires a deck of cards

History is broken! You are a unit of immortal shapeshifters from future who have been sent back in time on a one-way-trip to fix everything somehow. You can turn into anyone and can't go back in time again.

Each player starts the round with 5 cards, and after every turn draws 1 card, +1 if they had none.

Players go clockwise, each having one turn in a round. Player whose turn it is flips the top card and describes how they messed up a historical situation. 

Afterwards, players can play any number of cards, describing how do they fix the situation. Card that's played must match the suit or rank of previously played card. Play until the situation is fixed, or you run out of playable cards.

Get descriptive and keep it fun!


Hearts: save someone from death, create object
Diamonds: replace someone dead, give object
Clubs: remove someone, destroy object
Spades: fake someone's death, steal object

Starting situations:

2-6: important person dead
7-10: major invention/object gone
J: grandfather paradox
Q: butterfly effect
K: world war
A: player can make up anything or draw again

Author Comments

Thanks to everyone who helped me make the wording better, especially BornToDoStuff!

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