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This is How It Happened • 2018 rpg

jurph • no link

### A world-building game for any number of players

*This is How it Happened* creates a setting with a rich history that all of the players are invested in. The resulting setting can be used as the seed of another role-playing game. Players take turns: step one always comes first, and step two always comes after that.  After step two you start with step one again.

## 1. One thing happens. 

The player says one thing that happened, ideally in a single sentence. You can enforce the strictness of the one-sentence limit as tightly or as loosely as you wish.  

## 2. Some time passes.

The next player decides what unit of time has passed. The player should say whether an hour, a day, a week, a month, a season, a year, a decade, or a century has gone by.

## That's it.

Add wrinkles or random chance to the game:

1. Roll 1d8 to determine which increment of time has passed in step two.
2. Draw a tarot card and explain how it fits in step one.
3. Roll on any random table in an RPG sourcebook.
4. Let a child take a turn.
5. Try something else!

Author Comments

An expanded version of these rules is available at

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