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Ye good old days • 2018 rpg

Pasco von Reichenstein • no link

You are rusty, retired superheroes. Lusty, slightly senile and alcoholic. None of you really remember which had the flying carpet and who could magically bend fire. 

You have two stats. "senior" and "alcoholic". The total value of both is 6 distributed as you see fit. The allotment might change on the whim of the GM. Also, with a tale of how it all was better in the good old days you can swap a stat-point from alcoholic to senior. And vice versa by drinking (in-game) a lot of alcohol.

When in doubt, roll under the according stat. You can always give yourself advantage by consuming a Schnaps (ca. 40 vol.).

Before the game commences each attendee fills eight chits with each one of the following:

- Ability (Skill, Super-Power, Godly Gift, ...)

- Equipment (Invisibility Gun, Magic Hat, Flying Saucer, ...)

- Person (Friend, Sidekick, Butler, ...)

- Place (Secret Layer, Helpful Shop, ...)

All of the above go into a hat, wherefrom the GM draws a handful to craft a story.

All players might earn the right to draw a chit by consuming a beer (ca. 5 vol.) whereupon their characters remember that they were the ones with the respective asset.

Be brave, drink on. 

Author Comments

Shamefully I have to admit that two of three mechanics are shamelessly stolen from “Honey Heist” and “Doctor Magnethands”, both written by Grant Howitt.

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