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The unBEElievable rpg • 2018 rpg

Emily Reinhart • @kickassemily

It has been a harsh summer; wildfires have spread throughout the field of flowers.  
Your hive has not been able to collect enough pollen to make it through the winter. 
Your queen is anxious, worried about the drones. 
You are a honey stealer; you must go to the neighboring Hives and try to bring back honey so your hive will survive. 
Their queens are very susceptible to flattery.
You may pay their queen 1 compliment and when she is distracted you can try to steal a comb of honey. 
Roll 1D6, if it does not land on a 1 you are victorious and collect a comb of honey for your hive.  
Now, you may wish to fly straight home to the hive or.... double down. If you give the queen another compliment about her looks or hive you may now roll 2D6 for a second chance at a comb. But if you roll a 1 on either die you get nothing and have to report your failure to your queen. 
You may do this 6 times, 1 for each leg but if you roll a 1 on any increasing die, you get nothing. 

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