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Ramble • 2018 rpg

Michelle Nickolaisen •

Every player is a friend and you're embarking on a road trip together. To start, name your character and say why you're going on a trip. Then, discuss the tone you're aiming for - whether that's campy, moody, comedy, or something else. 

Each round, every player rolls 1D6 to get a prompt for part of the trip. You decide what happens together - the person on your right must be involved, but anyone can join.

You found: 

1. Cryptid (What do you see? How does it change your worldview?) 
2. A strange community (Are they welcoming? How do you know?) 
3. Something to destroy (Why did it need to be destroyed? How do you get away?) 
4. Something to free (What told you it needed to be freed? How do you free it?) 
5. A party (What's happening? Do you join?) 
6. Dead end (What's it like? How do you return to the road?)

When a roll is repeated, you can re-roll, build on the previous answer, or introduce a new answer. 

The game can go indefinitely, but everyone must take at least two turns.

End of game questions: 

Are you going home or staying elsewhere? 
How have you changed? 

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