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The Author • 2018 rpg

Gabriele Manganello • no link

Players: 3-6
One is the Author, the others are the Muses

Give the Author 30 Favor tokens.
Give the Muses 2 dices each.

The Muses divides from themselves the Domains in equal number
The Domains are: Commedy, Dance&Music, Epic, History, Love, Tragedy, Sports, Science and War

The Game start with the Author that writes this sentence: "Sing, O Goddess about".
Each Turn the Author ask for the favor of the Muses. 

The Muses roll secretly the dices. 
The first Muse declare the result. She can lie.
The following Muse can accept result or challenge it before declaring hers. 
If the real result is less then the declared result the previous Muse result doesn't count. 
Else, the challenging Muse skip next turn.

The winning Muse give up to five words as inspiration to the Author according to one of hers Domains.
The Author can accept one to three words suggested and give a Favour per word to the Muse.
The Author write down one sentence containing the chosen words. 

The text must have a sense.

The turn end and the first Muse becomes the last one.

The Game ends when all Favor tokens are finished.

The Author thanks the Muses.

Author Comments

This game is inspired by “The Author” webcomic :

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