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Write and draw a story with your friend • 2018 rpg

Will Zev Prahl •

one player is the WRITER and one the ARTIST. the writer names the HERO and the artist makes an ILLUSTRATION of them. name the SERIES and put the hero's name and illustration in the SERIES BIBLE. the writer can name anything that the artist introduced. if they do, the artist illustrates it and adds it to the series bible.

the artist draws a cover for the ISSUE, rolls a die, and gives both of them to the writer. the writer rolls another die and writes a passage:

if they roll higher, they must reveal someone's FEELINGS. 
if lower, they must increase the TENSION or raise the STAKES. 
if they roll the same, they may begin a new scene.

the writer sends their passage and die roll to the artist, who re-rolls their die and draws a picture: 

if they roll higher, they must show something PERILOUS. 
if lower, they must show the hero's REACTION. 
if they roll the same, they may introduce a new element into the scene or depict a flashback or vision. 

they send their picture and the die roll to the writer, and this repeats until both choose to end the issue and share with friends.

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