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Rise From Ash • 2018 rpg

Paladin of Ember •

The world is shrouded in darkness. Whether this is the long-gone past or after the future matters not. 
The Players are travelers, the last remnants of a dead civilization. Each Player carries an artifact and the clothes on their back. The artifact may be anything, a sword, a rifle, a lantern or coil of rope. Artifacts can run out of power, bullets or fuel. 
Everything is against them. Hunger, cold, darkness, savage animals, barbaric raiders, mad Sun-Cults, genetically engineered murder machines and rogue robots. Only together can they hope to survive, thrive and bring light back to the world.
When there is a difficult task or challenge to overcome the Player rolls a D6. 4+ means success. Rolls using an artifact get +1. Extremely difficult tasks get -1 or -2. Players get 3 wound slots and 1 mortal wound. If all slots are filled they go into a coma and (depending on the damage type) pass out or bleed out.
One player Is the GM until a player dies. Then that player becomes the GM and the GM creates a player. GM's should throw challenging adventures in the group's path, but also give them chances to heal and resupply.

Author Comments

Thank you for reading this. If you try the system out let me know how it works. Feedback is appreciated.

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