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Relationship: Intense • 2018 rpg

Aleksandra Sontowska •

Without Muse his art is nothing, but she wants to be more. 

Artist: 10 dark tokens, Muse: 10 red tokens, purse. Extra red tokens.

Choose1 for each: 
Artist-vision: [biblical, deformed, abstract, wild, ascetic, morbid].
Muse-trait: [vulgar, gorgeous, attentive, aristocratic, open-minded, playful, naive].  

Artist's Petition: ask Muse to do something daring for your art. Put dark token before her. Negotiate. 
If she says:
  YES: she gives you red token in exchange and puts dark one into her purse;
  NO: keep your token. She draws 2 tokens from her purse, 3 if any trait was invoked:
 	if any is dark, she hesitantly agrees and chooses [artist-trait] for him.
Artist-trait: [starving, eccentric, melancholic, raging, substance abuser, careless]
    	if all are red, Artist chooses [muse-trait] for her and it's her turn to Petition.

  If she agrees, she adds [artist-vision] 

Muse's Petition: ask Artist to do something that: makes you happy/ improves your living situation/ helps with your own art or work.
If he says: 
  YES: he gives you dark token.
  NO: choose1:
	get an extra red token and he chooses [trait] for himself 
	forgive him: take 2 red tokens.
Then: his turn.

Game ends when you can't see other as your Muse/ Artist.

Author Comments

To all my mentors. Thank you.

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