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Lost Colony • 2018 rpg

Jacky Leung •

Players: 3-8
You are colonists on a dwarf planet with limited resources. Can your group survive or will you run out resources?

Use a tower of wooden blocks, sometimes referred to as a tower of Jenga blocks. 

Each player is a colonist with basic needs to live. The tower represents the ecology & state of the colony. If it collapses, everyone dies. How long can the group survive? 

At game start, each player pulls 2 blocks from tower and keeps them in front of them. 
On each player's turn, they can CONSUME or PRESERVE. 

If you start your turn with less than 2 blocks, you must choose CONSUME.

CONSUME: Take a block from the tower. Each player must have a minimum of 2 blocks to be considered sustained. Pull blocks until at 2 blocks. Can hold up to 5 blocks. Describe what resource your colonist consumes to stay alive. 
- or - 
PRESERVE: Put a block back onto the tower. Describe what your colonist does to preserve the ecosystem of the planet or colony. 

After everyone has a turn, everyone puts one block back onto the tower. Your wastes create new nutrients.

Author Comments

I want to thank Epidah, creator of Dread for this inspiration along with Alex Roberts, designer of Star-Crossed. I also want to thank the players of my Team BAJA D&D group for always being supportive of my endeavors.

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