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Skeletal Dragon Organizes Their Ruin • 2018 rpg

Kitty Stoholski •

For 2-4 Participants

(Participants bring miscellaneous objects they would be okay never seeing again. And notecards)

You are a single skeletal dragon, a mighty being's desecrated husk. The cost of the sorcery tying you to this existence is that your memories are tied solely to your possessions.

Place all items in a pile on a surface. This is your ruin and your ruin crumbles. Let out a mournful roar together. Raaaaawwoooo.

To confine your ruin, one participant at a time performs the following:

Pick up any object from the ruin and describe the independent memory of your beastly self this object contains. Decide to HOLD or DISPOSE the memory.

To HOLD, place the object on the surface away from the pile. Write a single word memory description on a notecard and set it with the object. If the object is placed next to another, collectively describe how those memories intersect and permanently alter the memories attached.

To DISPOSE, donate (later), discard, or safely destroy the object. The memory cannot be referenced again. Each participant must DISPOSE at least one object. The ruin crumbles.

Play until all objects have been organized.

Do not reclaim DISPOSED objects after the game.

Author Comments

Thank you to Casey Hardy for comparing dragons and Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and to Dave Kapell for telling me about the interpretation that dragons can only remember things through their possessions.

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