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Hate Date! • 2018 rpg

Ceridwen •

Recommended for 4+ Players
Time to play 20+ minutes

Index Cards & Writing instruments
Blank name tags optional

Objective: Score as many dates as possible. (And explore new perspectives!)

Players write down something people hate on an index card.
Mix up the cards and randomly select a card. (You may draw your own.)
Brainstorm all the positive qualities of the hated thing.
Fold the index card to hide the hated thing and on a blank side write a name for yourself.
Characters must personify the hated thing, but keep their true identity a secret.

Pair up (if an odd number of players, one person will time each round).
Rotate through each possible pairing. Spend 3 minutes talking with each other character. Track dates on the blank side of the folded index card. Put a check by characters your persona would like to go on a date with.

At the conclusion of the dates, calculate points.
Each check mark is worth 1 point for that character.
Mutual checks are worth 2 points for both characters.
Highest score wins.
Only after all checks have been counted may characters reveal their true identities!

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