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Nascence • 2018 rpg

Melody Watson •

Nascence is a game about creation for 4-10,000 players.

We are Powers, omnipotent creative forces with the ability to write the rules of reality. 

Initially, Powers are equally matched. None may triumph over another or enforce their will alone. 

Thus, there is one law: consensus. 

There must be a first decision. Whatever it is, it must be made collectively and with consent of all. 

Nothing exists - fictionally or within the rules of the game - that has not been created by Powers, either through consensus or whatever processes they put in place. Even the boundaries of the game, and the mechanisms that govern it, only exist as a product of the dialogue between Powers and the agreement to continue. 

The game begins properly once the first decision has been made, and ends at a point determined by the decisions and creations of the Powers. 

The Powers may need to address other questions: 
How do we interact with existence?
How do we resolve conflicts?
What do we seek? 
Do we have purpose? 
When does the game end? 

Each decision should be recorded, and struck from the record if it ceases to be true. 

At all times, consensus is the first law. 

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