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No yelling in IKEA • 2018 rpg

Max Hervieux and Rebecca Gold •

this is a sad LARP
for two friends
about a couple arguing over furniture,
except maybe,
they're arguing about their relationship.

go to IKEA.

each partner says:
... one reason you know lots about interior decorating.
... one reason your partner knows less about it than you.
... how long you've been together.
... how long you've LOVED them.
... why you LOVE them.

wander the showrooms.
the person who has been in LOVE longer starts, finding an object they like, and saying why they do.
if their partner agrees, find another. if they don't agree, argue over it.
the person who brought up the object defends it until their partner gives up and leaves to the next room.
then they choose an object.

every time you make your arguments personal, whether veiled or explicit, gain a POINT. don't record or mention it, just remember your total.

when someone brings up the POINTS, both say how many POINTS you have and stop talking. walk silently to the cafeteria and sit down with your meals. on your walk, decide whether or not to apologize.

over your food, apologize or eat in silence. when one of you is done eating, the game ends.

(return to being friends)

Author Comments

Please be kind to IKEA staff members.

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