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The Temple of Nordu • 2018 rpg

B.M. Gundersen •

You play five mages residing in the Temple of Norbu.
Four are following the teachings of Norbu - These are Guardians.
One is falling to the dark side; becoming the villain - The Fallen.

You need five six-sided dice.
Every turn a friend tries to talk sense into The Fallen with one sentence!
They roll their die, and the highest number wins the argument.
You act out the scene - but every time The Fallen wins he adds a +1 counter to his next roll, making it harder and harder to convince him not to stray from the light.
Every time a Guardian wins ALL guardians add a +1 counter to their next roll, making it easier to convince The Fallen to see sense.
When either side has +3 to their roll The Finale happens.

The Fallen unleashes magic upon the temple and the Guardians roll their defence. 
Any Guardian who loses will perish. If more than two guardians survive, they take down The Fallen.
The Guardians unleash the fury of the Light to burn the wickedness out of The Fallen. They roll once and add together their eyes (without bonuses). If The Fallen miraculously withstands it; Darkness wins.

Save the temple!

Author Comments

Ideal for playing at a tavern, or in a pinch when dice are the only tools to LARP. Does not require much experience, nor does the game suffer from experienced drama-dialogues - Be creative. Save the temple, or burn it to the ground!

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