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Terra Incognita • 2018 rpg

Ro Avery •

This game is best played in around a campfire. You will need two to five adventurers, one player as the Wilds, and ten index cards each.

You are adventurers who have chosen to leave lives of comfort for the promise of discovery and riches. Each adventurer writes one aspect or artefact from their past on each of their cards then describes themselves to their allies. The Wilds writes one aspect of the untamed lands on each of their cards.

Begin play leaving a town bordering the wilds. Take turns describing your advance. 

The Wilds will respond either:

"The Wilds yield" - The next adventurer may take an action

"The Wilds resists" - The Wilds presents an impeding aspect. Each adventurer must overcome it with one of their cards. All players sacrifice and burn that aspect.

After the first and fifth sacrifices, make camp. Rest. Discuss what you have lost, how you have changed. You may choose to return home.

After the final sacrifice, camp. Rest, and discuss how you have been changed. Then, each remaining adventurer chooses: Return to town and prepare another expedition, or go forth, letting the wilds consume you.

The Wilds describes how the land has been changed forever.

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