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Kids These Days • 2018 rpg

Tyler Omichinski •

Choose a decade. You're all teens from that decade, and you're going to a party. You all know each other, even if you don't like each other. Tonight is a night where lives can change.
Figure out who you are, and "What's Up": what you want to accomplish at the party. You also need to determine your "Drama" - that's what's going wrong in your life. 
Everyone roll a D6. Highest roll goes first. They pick a song that reflects their character and fits the decade. It gets added to the playlist. 
Keep doing that until there are twelve songs on the playlist. Shuffle it.
When everyone is ready, they each grab 2d6. Hit play on the music. 
During one of the songs you chose, you are the GM for the length of the song. You can introduce new problems, run the other attendees at the party, and create challenges.
Whenever you try to do something, you roll 2d6. You have to roll equal to or more than the number of songs remaining. If you fail, it's because of your Drama, so you're going to have to act out. 
When the music ends, narrate an epilogue. 

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