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We're queer & in a field • 2018 rpg

Jay Dragon •

Before play begins, stand on ground and feel the weather. Imagine you're rooted. Imagine force is coming out of your hands. 

The world is (choose 1)

             scary, hard, dying, soul-crushing, enormous.

You are (each choose 1)

             scared, struggling, distant, escaping, lost;

But not right now.

Stand alone, with no one near. Don't talk about what scares you directly during play. 

To play, walk up to anyone else and ask to do one of these rituals, in this order:
                                              (Saying "no" is okay)

         Copy each other's movements. Move like flowing water, slowly, gently. 

         Lie down, look up, talk about what you see. 

         Tell each other 5 lies each.

         Hold hands, close eyes, walk together in straight line until someone gets scared.

         Take turns being quiet for 5 minutes while other player talks. 

         Lock arms on ground and gently wrestle.

         Tie grass around wrists, make promises you can't keep.

         Get away from everyone else and take turns yelling as loud as you can. 

         Sit and hold hands with anyone else also doing this ritual. Tell everyone you love them. Make physical contact, asking first. Pretend you're orbiting giants. Smile if you can.


Author Comments

This is a game based on the Trust workshops of the Wayfinder Experience, a LARP Summer Camp in the Hudson Valley, NY. It’s about creating a loving and supportive space as a game. While it’s best played when you’re queer and also in a field, I imagine you can play it if you’re not queer or somewhere other than a field. I also write way more games about queerness and experience-based play. I ALSO have at least 3 more 200 Word RPGs that I didn’t end up submitting, that you can check out! They’re all way more high-concept than this one.

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