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Hearts' Strife • 2018 rpg

Casey Alexander Crook •

For each card you place, including your heart: What does it mean to you? Does it help?
To draw, choose a card randomly. To take, you may pick any unclaimed card, or draw.
Ask questions. Share answers. Listen. Feel each others' pain.

Decide as a group:
Where do you live together?
Why are you close?
What role do you each play?
Answer silently:
What tragedy befell you?
Deep down, you know: Is the tragedy your doing, or someone else's? Or no one's?
How do each of you live with your tragedy? Take. This is your heart.
Grow closer to hearts like yours; grow apart from unlike hearts.
Decide together who must pay for your suffering.
If they do not have a heart, take one.

Each draw. Take turns placing cards to enflame or break another's heart.
Or use it to guard yours. Answer instead how this shuts you off from those close to you and replace one card with this.
Repeat this step until at least one player has had enough.

The Hour of Reckoning:
Silently decide which heart to strike.
Reveal together.
Each draw and decide:
Is it enough to soothe our pain?
Was this enough to soothe mine?

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