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Symbiosis • 2018 rpg

Daniel Cravens • no link

Requirements: d10, paper, pencil

"When the great walls hum, the metal hunters come" - The Last Human

Players can be 3 types of Evoman, large, medium, & small. Players create 3 features that affect stats/give actions; like independent eye control (increases alertness). 

Evoman communicate in a total of 20 words. 10 are chosen by the GM, and then, each player chooses 10 personal words that only they can say.

Stats: Players roll stats based on their species size:    LMS = large medium small # = d10 rolled 
Alertness: perceive areas and attacks            L1 M2 S3 
Vitality: HP                                                            L3 M2 S1
Strength: Damage dealt and carry capacity    L3 M2 S1
Camouflage: Hide in environment                    L1 M2 S3
Dexterity: make and use complex tools           L1 M3 S2
Imposing: creatures find you dangerous          L3 M2 S1

Tools: are found or created, players determine purpose, GM determines stats. 

1 Cycle = made of 30 actions per player.

Hibernation: full health and skip 10 days
Small: food: 1 Medium/ Shelter Small
Medium: food: 1 Large/ Shelter Medium
Large: food: 2 Large/ Shelter Large

1 Large = 10 Medium
1 Medium = 10 Small

The Hunt: Start time of the Hunt is after 30 cycles, Hunt ends after 10 cycles and resets.

Author Comments

GMs might find that by choosing 10 shared words heavily establishes the world the players find themselves in.

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