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I_remember • 2018 rpg

MorgenGabe •

This is a game for two players. One will play the role of a dying old man, while the other will play the role of Death and that of the people who mattered most during the old man's life.

A very old man lies on his deathbed. His life's six most important scenes flash before his eyes.

Scenes will be called by the person playing the old man using the sentence "I remember that time when..."
The mood permeating each scene will be determined by rolling a D6:

1: Sadness
2: Trust
3: Anger
4: Joy
5: Fear
6: Hope

The person playing Death will portray any other characters that might be present within each scene.
Different scenes might share the same subject.
Once the sixth scene has ended, the old man will describe Death's appearance, and Death will ask:
"Was it worth it?"
The old man will have to answer before he dies.

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