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Patreon Explosions

Unfortunately I’m not QUITE ready to start making these. I hope to jump into them at the end of May, and release one every month. Just gotta get a few things sorted out in my personal life first. SOOOON!

If you join the patreon now, don’t worry; you only get charged when I actually release stuff.

Become a Patron!

Every month David Schirduan “explodes” entries with new content, images, layout, and commentary. Each explosion breathes new life into these fantastic games.


Patreons get early access for just $2 a month. They also get to vote on which entries will be exploded next, and watch livestreams of David struggling with InDesign.

The money raised goes directly into the challenge to purchases prizes, hire artists, and cover misc costs that might crop up.

Past Explosions

When a new explosion comes out, the older ones will be publicly available here for all to enjoy!

Nothing here yet! The patreon has JUST started.