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The State Banquet for Visiting Aliens • 2019 rpg

Nathan Russell •

Best played over a meal.

Alien dignitaries have been invited to a state banquet in their honour. 

Some of you are from EARTH and some of you are ALIENS. You are all VERY IMPORTANT GUESTS, so put on pompous voices and use your manners. Give yourself a title. 

Unfortunately, the Aliens have no idea what is being served at the banquet and they are very agitated and confused. This meal could cause an interplanetary incident! The Earthlings must avert disaster by describing menu items.

To begin, an Alien should point to a dish on the menu or the table and ask: "WHAT IS THIS?" Earthlings respond by describing the food, its ingredients, taste, smell or any other feature. 

However, the Aliens have no concept of Earth ANIMALS or PLANTS, and no translation for the words SWEET, SALTY, SPICY or SOUR. Whenever an animal, plant or taste sensation is mentioned an Alien should ask "WHAT IS THAT?" Earthlings should explain.

The stranger the descriptions the more appetising the Aliens find the dishes. This should be conveyed through facial expressions, gestures and sounds.

Earthlings should continue describing dishes until the Aliens are happy. With the crisis averted, everyone eats.

Author Comments

The idea for this game came to me on a 9 hour flight to Singapore, while perusing the in-flight menu. My children were the aliens.

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