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Fuck! It's Dracula • 2018 rpg finalist

Levon Jihanian •

You are simple villagers on the desert planet Thannaxio. It's 3400 A.D. and humans live throughout the galaxy. A coffin-shaped pod just crashed to the south. 

Create Characters:

Step 1. Roll 1d6 for each following stat:


Step 2. Everyone rolls 1d6 for one item from this list:
1- a knife
2- a picture
3- some water
4- a mirror
5- a book
6- a crow

Step 3. Write down who or what your character loves most. 

One player is the DM (Dracula Master)

Play Encompasses 5 Phases

Phase 1: Investigate the Coffin
Phase 2: Return to the Village
Phase 3: Climb Dracula Mountain
Phase 4: Enter Dracula's Sanctum
Phase 5: Confront Dracula

DM describes what happens at the beginning of each phase (roll):

1- Someone falls in love with Dracula
2- Bat Wolves
3- Mist of sadness
4- A betrayal
5- Learn one secret about Dracula and one secret about a PC.
6- Fuck! It's Dracula.


When you try something challenging, roll 1d6 against an appropriate stat. If you roll equal or lower to your stat, you succeed. If the roll is higher, the DM writes something on your character sheet.

Author Comments

Author did not add any comments.

Judge Comments

Fuck, It’s Dracula! made me laugh out loud in front of my entire lab; - Jessica

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